5 Designer Silk Sarees Trends You May Not Know

Silk sarees have long been a timeless choice for every Indian woman. However, in this ever-evolving era and with the surge of modern trends, designer silk sarees have undergone a transformation like never before, embracing various design aesthetics that seamlessly complement the grace of these six yards. Explore Meena Bazaar's exclusive designer trends in Silk Sarees and look a stunner, this wedding season.

Pastel Shades

Remember swooning over Anushka Sharma's and Alia Bhatt's wedding lehangas? The sophisticated tones flaunted by Bollywood's leading ladies linger in our minds! Taking cues from Bollywood fashion, pastel colours such as light pink, peach, mint green, and lavender are gaining popularity, exuding a soft, feminine vibe and becoming the top choice for weddings. The Peach Banarasi Silk Floral Woven Saree makes a lovely pick for all special events, to help you rapidly gain attention.


Floral Patterns

The fusion of designer silk sarees with floral prints remains an enduring testament to artistic brilliance. From delicate, dainty flowers to striking, oversized blooms, there's an insatiable demand for designer silk sarees featuring floral designs. Wear this Navy Silk Zari Woven Saree from Meena Bazaar online to any function with family and friends and steal the show with your choice.


Banarasi Sarees

The allure of Banarasi Silk Sarees, distinguished by their gold and silver zari work, has become a prevailing trend in silk saree designs. The Orange Banarasi Silk Zari Woven Saree is an ideal choice for special occasions and when paired with intricate jewellery, they create a stunning ensemble.


Embroidered Sarees

Embroidery is a classic element in silk saree design and continues to captivate fashion aficionados. Whether it's subtle, intricate embroidery or bold, statement designs, this artistry never fades away and effortlessly complements various occasions.


Evergreen Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

While trends in designer silk sarees evolve, the timeless appeal of Kanjivaram Silk Sarees remains unparalleled. These sarees stand as a testament to heritage and grace, transcending trends and embodying elegance that withstands time. This Wine Pure Kanjivaram Silk Zari Woven Saree is a masterpiece, offering a luxurious appeal ensuring an aura of glamour whenever it is adorned.